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In May 2010 „trashpuzzle“ was born. I wanted to entertain people on a party by performing a handmade live-collage, that was projected on a wall. We used an old technology – episcope and a little transport band to let the pictures move automatically. The effect was fantastic. The dancefloor turned into a colorful carpet made of our pictures. People were fascinated with our spontaneous creations. Some even joined our session.

During 6 years trashpuzzle developed. New people joined the group, our equipment has evolved and we gave dozens of shows in clubs around Berlin and other cities. Antique episcope has been replaced by beamer. The transport band is filmed by a live mix of two cameras that are hidden in a black box. And the group expanded to five members, who are pushing the idea forward and have a lot of fun.


studio session 2015



In 2015 we celebrated 5th aniversary of trashpuzzle. We met at „almost studios“ Kreuzberg and had a creative chaotic session !

we supported




Christian Dietrich founder, illustrator, painter, videoartist
Sebastian Raunitschke promotion, musician, designer
Andreas Bachmannillustrator, painter
Deli Michapainter, visual artist
Sulamith Sallmann photographie





Trashpuzzle is a perfect choice if you want to ad some magic to your event. No matter what are you organizing – a big concert, business event or something more cameral like a birthday party our handmade visuals will make it unforgettable. Contact us, tell us what you need and together we prepare a program of visual show just for you.

visual event performance – party, concert, wedding, …
open stage – book our equipment for your open stage event
story telling – we design a unique visual set
including illustration, design, photographie, sound
video production story telling paper puppet collage video
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